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Can you shoot on vacation?

Well, if your wife is a biologist who loves to get her own camera out and walk around in the forest, YES.

My wife used to be my best scout for finding great things to shoot. Now that she has her own good camera (Sony NEX 5N), she shoots what she finds and tells me about it later. Actually, she’s pretty good about telling me about little things she has found (the tree frog in the forest, the banana slug on the trail). I don’t try to abuse the time I have shooting and try to make sure we do other fun things (stop at the museum, go wine tasting, not get up every morning an hour before sunrise) besides the shooting and enjoying nature. But we challenge each other by learning about the eco system we are in, whether it is the geology of the area, new wildflowers, animal facts, that glacial runoff has silt in it and is cold).

Our trips this summer have taught us a lot about new places. We learned that the Mountain Goats in CO are introduced, they think back in the 1920s. Oh, sure, there used to be Mountain Goats there (Mt Evans is where we were) but they moved from the region some 50,000 years ago. Who knew? I always associated mountain goats with the mountains of Colorado, but I was around before 1920. Or 1930. Or 1940. Or 1950. Or 1960. Oh, wait. I was around for the very end of the 1950s, don’t remember much, being less than a year old when the 1960s started.

My point is that, as nature photographers, we can share vacations with our loved ones and not drive them crazy with the desire to get all the great images. And they will hopefully learn to appreciate nature the way you do. I was just lucky to marry someone who loves nature as much as I do and has a background to enjoy the scientific prospects of learning along with the inclination to the creative process of photography.