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Rebecca’s Reverse Clarity Technique

This is going to be a quick note. I just came back from a trip to Mt LeConte in the Smokies with a friend of mine, Eric Bowles. We had a great trip but it showed me how much out of shape I was. Now to try to correct that over the next 3-4 months with all the travel and photography I have planned..

When I got home after 2 days, my lovely wife showed me her images that she had been processing from our trips starting this spring. She had previously been using a little point and shoot camera and I got her a Sony NEX 5n for her birthday. She has been having lots of fun using it and still learning the intracies of differents modes of shooting and focusing. She also took to processing in Lightroom like Michael Phelps takes to water.

Rebecca showed me some of her images and one really struck me. She showed me how she achieved the look and it was so simple. Instead of increasing Clarity, she moved the slider the opposite way ( negative Clarity) and, boy was the image stunning.

Rob Sheppard and I have always taught others to move sliders all around and see what kind of effect you get. Rebecca took that to heart and came up with a great look.

I decided to try the technique on a shot from Rainbow falls. It’s subtle, but I really like what it does.

Before Reverse Clarity

After Reverse Clarity

So the moral of this story is two fold. One, don’t get out of shape and try to hike 7 miles up the mountain with gear and then 7 miles back down. Two, move your processing sliders all around. You won’t damage anything and you might find a look you really like.