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Ireland by iPhone 2014


I took my new Panasonic GH4 system to Ireland and loved it. Much lighter to carry everything from 7.5mm Fisheye (all lenses double in length on GH4, so really 15mm) to the 100-300 (think handholdable 200-600)! Batteries lasted much better than I thought and the new SanDisk 32GB Extreme PRO SDHC UHS-II cards are a dream. Not sure if it is camera speed or card speed or both, but writing files is extremely quick, much quicker than the GX7 that Rebecca is now using..

But with all the fun I had with my Pannie system, not be able to do anything with the RAW files yet (with bending over backwards and holding your breath while you converted with Panasonic software to tiffs) is a real bummer.. I’m going to have tons of stuff to process be the end of the summer if Abode doesn’t get on the stick and release the RAW converter for the new Panasonic GH4 RAW file..

So, in order to share places and events, I relied on my trusty backup camera, my iPhone 5. Most people are amazed when I show them images and then tell them they were taken with the iPhone. I use a variety of programs to then process the images ( and sometime capture images, such as the 645 Pro and Pro HDR). I use Snapseed a lot to process images). I push images start from 645 PRO to Facebook and to Twitter and Instagram.. Images aren’t up to the quality of my regular cameras, but considering it is always in my pocket and I can also keep in contact with loved ones and the world from this one, device, the images aren’t bad!

Here are a few from most recent trip to Ireland.. If anyone is interested, I could put together a trip for as few as 4 people to go and shoot in Ireland. Just say the word!

image Full Irish Breakfast

image Medieval grave slab from Clonmacnoise

image Beehive hut on Dingle Peninsula.