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Fall Color Scouting Cumberland Plateau North

In search of waterfalls and fall color yesterday, Rebecca and I made our way up to Caryville, TN. We visited Notch Falls while in Caryville and then headed up Mountain Road to Tower Road to hike down to Duncan Falls. There was some color at in Caryville, but as we made our way up the mountain to the 3000 foot elevation the changes were spectacular. Dogwoods, maples, sassafras all in resplendent color. According to biologist Kathy Gould Mathews from Western Carolina Univeristy, this fall could be one of the better fall colors. In an article in the Knoxville News Sentinel, she explained that the dry weather in later spring and the dry cool weather we are experiencing now should lead to a fairly dramatic display of color. Some thought is that the color change times are about a week early, but the combination of weather in spring and fall that we have had may lead to a prolonged display of fall color. From what I am seeing, this seems to be on par with color and timing. I will report more through the season.

Notch Falls

This fall is literally just off the road. Go up Mountain Road in Caryville and then turn right on Fall Creek Lane. A small pullout on right with falls on left.

Tower Road parking for Cumberland Trail. No polarizer.

Tower Road Parking for Cumberland Trail. Polarizer.

You can see from above that a polarizer can make a huge difference. It not only saturates the blue sky, but saturates the colors also. Even on a overcast day, a polarizer can help saturate colors. My rule of thumb, pick up a polarizing filter and put it in front of your eye. Turn. If you can see a difference here, it will make a difference in your images. I use a Nikon 77mm polarizer because it is actually glass size of 82mm with 77mm threads. This does not vignette even on my 17mm.

Here are a few more shots to round out the images.

More to come. I plan on going up to Cherohala Skyway on Monday to check out color in the Appalachian mountains at 5000+ feet.


Cumberland Plateau Beauty

Today Rebecca and I went in search on waterfalls close by (actually, I had been to several of these but wanted to share them with her).

One of our favorite spots is just outside of Wartburg, TN. It is Potter Falls.


The weather was cool and crisp and the sun was intermittently hidden by clouds. The leaves are starting to change some,
but there is lots of green still on them.

I just wanted to share some of these will they were fresh on my mind because tomorrow I will share more of these
and how I am using HDR even when the contrast is not huge to generate a more pleasing image. These are all straight
images with just some correction in Lightroom.


I will also post some videos that I shot from the plateau.

Coming this week: The War on Photography!

Enjoy your weekend..