Nature Photography Day 2012

Nature Photography Day, Friday June 15, is the seventh annual celebration of Nature Photography. Established by NANPA (North American Nature Photography Association) in 2006 to encourage people everywhere to explore nature with a camera. The day was designated to promote the enjoyment of nature photography and also highlight the fact that nature photography plays a important role in conservation of lands, plants and animals on our globe. Photographs have been a part of our culture since Louis Daguerre and the daguerreotypes of the mid 1800s. Photographs have changed the way we communicate and, with the advent of the Internet and now, Social Media, sharing your images is far easier and more far-reaching than ever before.

Nature photography has had a profound impact on our understanding of the nature world and also the wide spread recognition of need for conservation. Images of beautiful, unspoiled wilderness provides encouragement and inspiration to all who are concerned with the fate of man’s mark on our world. The impact of images that show pollution, man made disasters affecting nature (like the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010), show what effects we are having on our fragile ecology.

Nature photography can also be a healing modality as many people have picked up a camera to express themselves while in nature. And the best way to express yourself well is to understand nature. And the best way to understand nature is to spend time with nature. And the longer you spend time in nature, the more you come to appreciate the beauty of the nature world around us.

So, Nature Photography Day might be a celebration of photography in nature and a way to get people out to appreciate the natural world, but I look at it as a time to hopefully contact people with a the healing powers of nature. Solitude, quietness, inner reflection, and slower pace of life: these are all things you can enjoy while out in nature with a camera. You might even find yourself putting the camera down and just enjoyment the moment with all your senses..


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