Feisol Tripods and DISCOUNT

One of the few images of me. Rebecca likes to get me in action at times, even though I try to duck.. This is my Feisol CT-3372 and the older leveling head.

I wrote a little about tripods back in the fall. Since that time I have had lots of experience with the Feisol CT-3372 tripod and want to say just a little about it.
I had always used Gitzo tripods since the early ‘90s. The old aluminum ones were really heavy. The joke was that Gitzo stood for “Get So Heavy” in the field. Then came along carbon fiber. First generation was ok, but they hadn’t learned what glue to use to keep the legs together, so we saw a lot of Gitzo CF tripods literally come unglued in the field.. I stuck with my old, heavy realiable Gitzo. As they improved, I started looking at them in earnest. Staying with the Gitzo, I went through several generations and sizes before I came to the 3541 XLS model.. Boy would it go really tall in the field. And light! Rob Sheppard convinced about the attributes of a travel size tripod (after taking a lot of guff from me about his toy tripod). I also got a Gitzo travel tripod that I still use today.

Then Really Right Stuff jumped into the fray with their CF tripod. They already made the best ball head in the game, so their quality was a known factor. I really liked the RRS CF tripod from them and used it for a couple of years (I still have it and use it as one of my backup tripods). The leg release mechanism on the RRS was a big improvement over the Gitzo.

Then I was introduced to Feisol. At first I wasn’t sure about getting a new tripod, but I was convinced to give it a look. Thanks to Feisol and Michael, I received a CT -3372 tripod. WOW.. Seems as light and well made as my RRS tripod. Leg release mechanisms are the best I have every seen and the legs will go past 90 degrees for really weird setup that we nature photographers sometimes get into. And at a price that is much cheaper than RRS, it is hard to beat. Their new version, the CT-3372LV comes with a new and improved leveling head (you can always switch out to regular plate).  I am thinking about replacing my travel Gitzo with the Feisol CT-3441S. I still haven’t seen their ballheads in action, but I’m told by friends that they are really nice.

I like them so much that I have worked out a deal with Gary at Hunt’s Photo and he will be selling the tripod at a 10% discount. But you have to call Keith directly at Hunt’s photo at 781.462.2340 or email him at Patankar@wbhunt.com to get the discount.

If I ever get my hands on their ballheads, I let you know how they stack up.


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