Border Wall and HDR

This spring I was fortunate to visit the US-Mexico Border Wall outside of McAllen, TX. Joining me in this escape was Jerry Monkman and Trish Drury, both great photographers and also great friends.

Burned out car at US border in TX This HDR on our first attempt to find “the Wall”. Heading toward the Border and following a GPS, when found an area with no
Border Wall and the only thing that separated us from the country of Mexico was a shallow river. Now, growing up on the Mississippi
River, the body of water that I saw would have qualified for a creek, even in MS.

The series of images that I will show here were taken with my Nikon D3s in auto bracket mode, shooting 5 images, each 1 stop apart.
I would prefer to take images that are 1.5 to 2 stops apart, but this isn’t a capability with the built in auto bracketing function on the Nikon.
Once back at home, I imported all my images to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 and then pick the series I want to use in the HDR. Then I go
to File/ Export with Preset/ HDR Efex Pro (by NIK Software) and the process starts. I really like HDR Efex Pro because of the choices I have in
output and the previsualized presets that they give you. Even if you use the presets, you have a lot of control over the look and output.

All of these images were combined using the Vibrant Details and Colors preset for a more grungy, in your face look that I wanted to portray
from these images along the Border.

If you haven’t started playing with HDR, it is easy and software makes it fun.. Try it out!

Jerry Monkman shoots into Mexico along Border Wall

Jerry Monkman shoots into Mexico along Border WallBorder Patrol on watch at "Wall"

Border Wall/ fence US- Mexico Border

Border Wall/ fence US- Mexico Border

Border Wall

Border Wall in Hildalgo, TX

Burned out car

Burned out car, US Border


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