10 Great iPhone Apps for Nature Photographers

Ok, I know that everyone doesn’t have an iPhone, yet. Give it time.. Really, this post is written for those of you (us) who have bitten the technological bullet and know run around, using your iPhone for all kinds of things. I want to share with you ten apps that I think are wonderful and that I use in my nature photography.

Number TenAngry Bird, no, just joking, but it does help pass the time when you are sitting in the truck waiting for the rain to stop.. Really, Number Ten- iCamera Level. Basically, a level. Works great to level up tripod, level up camera, especially if your bubble level just slipped into the stream and has tumbled away. Just make sure your iPhone doesn’t do the same thing.

Number NineAudubon Butterflies. It is much easier to identify something while you are out in the field. That way if you need a better angle to see a specific identifying mark, you can get it while you’re there.

Number EightAudubon Wildflowers. When you identify the flower, you can dictate the Common name and Scientific name into your camera to be tagged into your image. Saves time digging through ID books when you get back home and need to enter keywords.

Number SevenThe Sibley eGuide to the Birds of North America. Using Sibley’s guides to birds has been phenomenal for me. To have male and female, juvenile, morphs, breeding and nonbreeding, and regional variations has made it much easier for me to identify birds. The iPhone app puts all this in my pocket.

Number SixiBird Explorer Pro – Not equal in the drawings of Sibley’s guide, this guide shines by Including “similars”, photos, facts and ecology for the birds listed. I haven’t seen a big difference in the number of birds covered and carry both of these on my iPhone.

Number FiveSkySafari 3 Pro – As I have done more and more night photography (including timelapse), finding out where the stars and planets will be has been essential to planning images and movies. This software will help you identify the elements of the sky and also show you a representation of the sky and even timed movement of the night sky.

Number FourLightTrac – Photography is always about the light on your subject, so knowing the Sun (and Moon) position today and in advance, helps in planning trips, planning images and lighting. I don’t leave home without it.

Number ThreeThe Photographer Ephemeris – similar to LightTrac – different layout but basically the same information.

Number TwoU.S. Nexrad Radar– Shows and loops NexRad Radar for weather. Sometimes easier to look up if all you want is weather Radar. Essential for nature photographers

Number OneMyCast Weather Radar – Shows current conditions for where you are, forecasts for 7 days and hourly forecast for 24 hours. The Weather Radar shows not only precipitation but visible cloud and Infrared cloud map, ideal for seeing where the cloud cover is in relationship to you. Also there is a lightning map, so you can see if you are about to get fried. If so, hand your aluminum tripod to your travel companion..
I hope you find these iPhone Apps useful to your photography. I don’t leave the house without these in my pocket. Next up will be iPhone Apps for Travel as a photographer (many are useful to the general traveler also).

BTW, I don’t get a cent for referring you to any of these apps. I just use them and think they are great

Good Shooting.


3 responses to “10 Great iPhone Apps for Nature Photographers

  • Russ Abraham

    Just wanted to say HI. I found your blog a few days ago on Technorati and have been reading it over the past few days.

  • Eric Bowles


    Nice list. I especially like the Photographers Ephemeris.

    One to add to the list – Snapseed from Nik Software. It’s a great little application that supports some nice editing features.

    • billcampbellphotography

      Thanks Eric. I’ve used Snapseed and think it’s fun. Waiting for a Lightroom Light and a way to download images through iPad to portable HD with some LR key wording and renaming so can leave laptop at home except when teaching or giving talks. Would be great to give talk off of iPad. Are you coming to Smokies for the fall? Heads up on NANPA regional- we will be in Townsend this coming April..

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