Finally, Layers for Lightroom

I was teaching a couple of weekends ago in Pittsburgh and discussing the positives (and negatives) of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Bascially the negatives are things that you have to go out of LR to do. Specifically one is layers and combining images. I said that I didn’t think it would be long before we had a way to do Layers in LR. I did not know how profetic that statement was.. OnOne software, the people you bring you Geniunine Fractals (now Perfect Resize 7) have released a public beta of Perfect Layers. With just a few minutes of online tutorials, I was able to download and play with the new software. It will do compositing, Layer mode blending, and much more. It was designed with input from Scott Kelby of NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals) and Photoshop World and his experience mirrors what I have heard in my teaching. People wanted layers in Lightroom. Now we have it.

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This was quick and easy with Perfect Layers..

For more information and tutorials, go to

Perfect Layers by OnOne Software.


More creations will be posted soon combining other techniques and NIK software with the Perfect Layers.. YEAH…


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