Even in your yard

I wanted to go out and shoot today, but wanted to stay close to home. I decided that since lots of plants were blooming in my yard, I would just venture out the front door. Light was nice..  Wind was ok at times and a little breezy at times. I did some shots with the Azaleas in the yard and then focused on the seeds hanging from my Japanese Maples. I love the bright red on Maple seeds in the spring. I took a while before I finally saw what I wanted. Using a 24 tilt shift macro lens from Nikon and my Nikon D3X, I was able to shoot some hanging seeds with a couple of maple leaves in focus. A little work in Lightroom, and viola’, image that I saw before taking it..

I have been reading a little about Right Brain/ Left Brain and how it affects how we work.. I see the image I want before I start looking.. Sometimes I am surprised when I put on a different lens. I am definitely “Right Brained” but there are some aspects that come through from my Left Brain.. No, we don’t use one side or the other, but it is kinda like handedness, one side is more dominant than the other in most people in performing task, learning, relating, even seeing. I will be writing more about the Right Brain and Left Brain photographer as we go along.

Left brain photographers used to be those photographers who wrote everything down about how they captured the image: what film, what time of day, what settings.. I bet they never wrote about how they felt about taking the image.. Today it is harder to tell those Left Brain photographers from Right Brain photographers simply because all the information is written to the image.. I imagine Left Brain photographers are in heaven with digital and EXIF data.. I can tell you that Right Brain photographers absolutely love Digital. Because we can play and experiment and see what we are getting. It’s about the feeling the image causes you to have when you see it on screen on in print.

Well, off to play more with my images… Return again to read more about Right Brain/ Left Brain photography..

Maple seeds


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