Up close

I spent part of the morning in a place called Dean’s Woods in Knoxville, TN. I have blogged about this area before and it still calls me back to explore the beauty of floral display. Even in the Smokies you would be hard pressed to find such density and diversity of wildflowers. The only problem is the noise from the street close by keeps the experience from being a total immersion into the beauty of nature. The possibilities were endless and my visual senses on overload with all the different flowers and shapes and colors. I was able to focus on a small area and get some nice shots. I didn’t have time to sit back and take in the sights before focusing my creative energies on photography because the sun was coming up and, with a blue sky day, I had just a little time to photography before ol Sol snuck into the scenary bringing with him a friend, the wind.

I started out doing plant portraits with a few wide angle shots, but what drew me in the most was the color of the poppies and the emerging buds with the little tendrils encasing them. I finally settled on this image of a bud with a full bloom just beside it to extenuate the color and feel of the yellow and green that was exploding around the area.

I find that the more I shoot, the more quickly I get into my zone of shooting. I haven’t shot as much the past couple of weeks (soccer doesn’t count) and it took me a while to finally start to get the feeling. I guess that is why I feel like I shoot more productively when I am traveling. All energy is focused on image making and experiencing my surroundings with my visual senses. When I am at home, there are many distractions pull my senses away from immersion into my photography. Reaching that balance at home is difficult for me, but I keep trying to shoot locally instead of focusing on away places.

Take time each day to photograph something in your yard or around town. It might not take long, but it will help hone your eye and open your vision as you begin to see things. Challenge yourself to shoot something differently than you have ever shot it before. Different lens, different light, maybe process differently, different vantage point.. You get the drift, break out of your mold and experiment. This is what drives you to improve your image creating..



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