Cascade Waterfalls and Spring Snow

Spring is definitely a little bit behind as you go further north from East TN. We spent part of the weekend at Virginia Tech and hiked up to Cascade Waterfalls in the Jefferson National Forest Recreation Area Cascades just outside of Pembroke, VA. It is about a 30 minute drive from campus. A bit cool as we started out, but no rain. A 2 mile hike up to the Cascades along a beautiful stream. Several early wildflowers were popping their blooms open, while numerous others were waiting for a warmer invitation. I shot with my Nikon D3x for my still images and also shoot my new toy, a GoPro Hero HD video camera.  The GoPro has a lot of advantages (small, light, easy to use, waterproof when in the case) and a few disadvantages (can’t see what you are getting without the LCD back that is extra). When we got to the top of the trail at the Cascades Waterfall, it began to snow. I used the GoPro Hero to video the snow falling with the waterfall also in the image. I wasn’t sure what I was going to get and the audio sucked (my fault, I didn’t download the firmware upgrade for the Battery BacPac I was using). Great video, though. Go here to the Vimeo site for it,

I got this to video soccer games for the High School (which turned out great) but am going to start carrying it with me to shoot some HD video on the trail. It will also shoot intervelometer images, but at 5 MP apiece. Will be exploring more with that.

One the way from Pembroke, VA to the trail head, we saw several interesting mailboxes. Not really pure nature images, but the big mouth bass mailbox was pretty funny.. There was a fishing rod leaned up against the mailbox also..


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