Spring in east TN

Spring HDR

Daffodils in bloom

Spring is here. According to the calendar and to the flowers and trees in my town. Living in east TN has its advantages. Winter is not bad, but we have winter. Spring comes early. Summer is comfortable. Fall is beautiful. Cost of living is great. People are fantastic.  Ok, enough raving about my neck of the woods.

I was out and about, and driving down the street my eye was caught by these Daffodils. 2 houses down from my house. Right there in plain sight. But it took me going out and looking for spring flowers to see them. The light was right with a nice background. I spent over an hour shooting different combinations of these flowers. This image is an HDR of three images combine with NIK HDR EFEX Pro software. NIK gives such great results and a whole range of expression in your HDR image. I find that auto bracketing 1 stop and usually 3-5shots works. I set the camera to Aperature priority so only the shutter speed changes in the brackets. Then choose the 3 or 5 images in LightRoom and to to Export with NIK HDR Efex and NIK opens all the images and starts working on them.

The image was not chosen to make any jealous that we already have spring weather, but if that’s the way you feel, come on down for a visit..


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