Changing to WordPress

In an attempt to become more social media friendly and aware, I am switching from my Blogspot Blog to WordPress.

If you want to view any of my old writings, you can go to

I will be posting here at least once a week, with information about photography, nature and what I am up to in regards to

any and all of the above. I will be getting ready to go to the NANPA Summit in McAllen, TX and will post

some images from the Cozad Ranch and also from Steve Bentsen’s Dos Venadas Ranch prior to getting sucked into all of

by Board and teaching obligations at NANPA. I will carry my camera around and grab images of our friends at the Summit

and post some here, so those of you who can’t make it can see how much fun we are having (that means you Jim Clark and Cheryl Opperman).

Spring is arriving to east TN, so the next several months will have me posting images of my favorite time of the year.

I will be posting some workshop opportunities soon, so stay tuned. One is with Jack Graham and long time good friend of mine

and great shooter and teacher. We will be in Oregon in the fall. You can find more information at

Green Jay: Cozad Ranch, TX




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